Project Description

Suminagashi experience

Suminagashi “At Glamping Canonici, we offer a charming green space for an expert Suminagashi teacher to host their workshops.
Suminagashi is based on the ancient Japanese art of painting on water to see with “unobstructed eyes“. It was born as a technique for decorating paper using ink (sumi) that floats (nagashi) floating on water.
The ink traces form abstract designs which are then imprinted on a sheet of washi paper placed on the water itself.
Today in Japan this technique is widely used for its unrepeatability also in the realization of the motifs of the Kimono.

The Workshop is developed in 3 phases:
the preparation, execution, interpretation.

Traditional materials will be provided by the teacher.
Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Exclusive price for overnight guests.
Payment for the activity should be made directly to the professional.
– from 1 to 4 participants (€ 70.00 per person)
– from 5 to 9 participants (€ 60.00 per person)
– from 10 to 15 participants (€ 50.00 per person)

Duration 2 hours
Suminagashi romantic experience
– 160.00 euros (per couple)

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