Project Description



At Glamping Canonici, a skilled Armocromia Consultant has an intimate green space for sessions.

The analysis of color, or chromatic harmony, is that discipline which, using the theory of colors (the same used in painting) and based on the parameters of temperature, chroma, value and contrast, studies the interaction between colors and people .
Our color complex of skin, eyes and hair reacts in different ways depending on the shades they accompany.

So the color analysis helps us to understand which are the most enhancing colors, in makeup and clothing and identifies a color palette to prefer to obtain a balanced and harmonious look in a natural way, that is, “armochromatic”.

Color analysis for:

– Enhance the face and its natural colors
– An immediate lifting effect of the features
– Increase in the brightness of the complexion
– Attenuation of expression lines, bags, dark circles and skin impurities
– Greater shine of eyes and hair
– More colorful and fuller lips

How the color analysis takes place:

– It is essential to be without make-up and possibly a little tanned
– If the hair is vats, it is collected and covered with a white turban
– Clothing is covered with a white cloak
– We sit in front of a lighted mirror
– Drapes of fabric are placed close to the face, starting with metallic colors to identify the undertone
– You continue the test with colored drapes to identify your season of belonging

Duration: about 1: 30h per person
Maximum 2 people

Exclusive price for overnight guests.
Payment for the activity should be made directly to the professional.

Price: € 95.00 per person (price reserved for internal guests)

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