Project Description

Shiatzu massage

At Glamping Canonici, an experienced Shiatsu masseuse has an intimate and relaxing space for massages.

SHIATSU is a body mediation discipline, of Chinese origin, developed in Japan at the beginning of the twentieth century.
Shiatsu massage is practiced through the use of pressure on the body of the client who remains clothed.
The operator uses only the palms and fingers of the hands, sometimes also the forearms and elbows
No oils or creams are used.
It is practiced on the ground, on a special carpet called tatami.

SUITABLE CLOTHING: Clean, comfortable clothing, no jeans or buttoned-up clothing.
DURATION: about 1 hour consisting of 45/50 minutes of treatment and 5/10 minutes of sharing and dialogue on what emerged from the treatment itself

With Shiatsu you can:
1- entrust yourself to expert hands
2- feeling welcomed in a silent, intimate and natural space created especially for you
3- give yourself quality time
4- relax and restore your psychophysical energies
5- have valid support to deal with your physical and emotional discomforts

Further information on the treatment:
The massage is practiced in the privacy of the accommodation or in the private garden of the Tent and lasts approximately 50 minutes.
(possibility also massage in pairs with 2 therapists)

Exclusive price for overnight guests.
Payment for the activity should be made directly to the professional.

1 person: 90 euros per person
2 people: 80 euros per person

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