Summer 2020: live with the Coronavirus and focus on “green wellness” tourism

The era of Slow Tourism begins.

Probably for this year our holidays will not take us very far from home as short and medium range travel will probably be possible.

We will return to “slow” tourism, a tourism made up of stays in small accommodations that, like Glamping, Farmhouses, Country Houses or B&B., offer large green spaces, a very low number of beds, healthy cuisine and a lot of tranquillity.

The post-covid 19 traveller will privilege small localities that, far from the mass tourist flows, have preserved authentic lifestyles, more in synergy with the environment, the territory and in harmony with nature.

They will look for places to enjoy at a slower pace, on foot or by bicycle, places that allow greater contact with the natural environment and the historical and cultural spirit of a place.

Sustainable tourism and Undertourism

This trend, already identified as “Undertourism”, will privilege Sustainable Tourism aimed at alternative destinations and accommodation facilities (in contrast to the Overtourism that characterized the pre-Covid-19 period, expression of the phenomenon that made unlivable the destinations of mass tourism, crowded by uncontrolled flows of tourists).

In this perspective, supporting tourism in the countryside by allowing the reopening of Agriturismi, Glamping – Agricampeggi, Masserie means avoiding the dangerous risk of crowding. These structures are by their very nature located in isolated areas of the countryside in family structures, with a limited number of beds and at the table and with large open spaces, and therefore are perhaps the places where – in this first phase of recovery – it is easier to ensure compliance with security measures to defend against contagion outside the home.

There is also another aspect that should not be underestimated and that in recent years has been increasingly taken into account by travellers: being in Nature is good for us and makes us feel happy. We have all experienced that being in the green makes us feel better and it’s not just about “suggestion”.

The healing power of Nature on our organism is in fact now recognized by many scientists (the first to study the matter were the Japanese, they call it Shinrin-Yoku) who have discovered how spending a few hours in a natural environment, with a large concentration of trees, leads to an increase in immune function.

Just what we need right now, a bath in the forest!

What are the advantages of a holiday in contact with nature?

The main benefits of staying in green spaces can be found:

  • in the lower concentration of cortisol, stress hormone;
  • in the lower heart rate and blood pressure;
  • increased NK Natural Killer cells and anti-cancer proteins;
  • hyperactivity: increased opportunities for reflection, calm and rest.

Here at Glamping Canonici we believe in this power of Nature and we are using this forced stop to organize for our Guests a “Shinrin-Yoku” path, an immersion in Nature within the Glamping area.

A grove of Oaks, Maples, Holm oaks, Beeches, Plane trees, Hornbeams and Acacia trees where you can walk and stop to breathe the scent of the undergrowth and listen to the sounds of Nature will be available to our Guests and the password will be: disconnection!